is a work-team that loves art and architecture in all their expressions.
It's an office that operates in architecture, design, interior and landscape. With a multi-disciplinary approach and the wide knowledge in various sector, FABBRICA SACCARDO architetture offers to real estate investors a project, technical, artistic and logistic assistance in architecture and interiors sectors characterized by “Made in Italy” style and by a particularly attention to details, forms and materials.
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The deep synergy between SPACE and IDEAS allows to feel parts of the same place and of the same project and to represent totally the spirit and the philosophy of FABBRICA SACCARDO architetture.
It materializes and keeps vitality in the strong bond between the work-team and his seat, Fabbrica Saccardo: it is an important industrial archaeology’s example that has been restructuring and rethought both the work’s space and the space of interaction, of commitment and intellectual excitement, of the creativity and experiences’ exchange trough the daily work and trough events as exhibitions, meetings, conferences.
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